Aug 04, 2000 Dutch Harbor

Photo of Dutch Harbor, Alaska
Map of Alaska with locations in scenario

We arrived in Dutch Harbor today after 30 days out in the Bering Sea. Just the normal search-and-rescue and law enforcement operations in support of the commercial fishing fleet.

I'm a forecaster aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Alex Haley, a Navy salvage tug converted for patrol purposes in the Bering Sea and Arctic. My task is to provide the Commanding Officer with forecast information as needed.

We're in port to refuel, reprovision, and prepare for departure to the North Slope of Alaska. When I was assigned to the Haley, I wondered what the Coast Guard was doing in the Arctic. Having to give up my summer in San Diego to go to the Arctic, it seemed like I drew the short straw. During my introductory briefing, it was all made clear.

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