Principles of Celestial Navigation

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Chief Sheedy: Now that we’ve completed a strip form for our morning Sun line, we can now plot it on the Universal Plotting Sheet. I take the azimuth, 086 decimal 1 degrees and draw it out from my assumed position. Draw an arrow, and label GP for geographic position of where the Sun is: arrow, GP of the Sun. Looking at the strip form, it is now 15.3 decimal minutes away, which I will plot. Then draw a line perpendicular to the azimuth line, properly label, and this is our Sun line line of position. Since this is a singular line of position, my DR continues course 318 speed 6 knots. This is not enough information, this line of position, so I’m going to continue DRing out course 318, 6 knots.

screenshot of Universal Plotting Sheet with morning (1146 UT) Sun line marked for our day, 2018 July 17